How to Get Free Cigarettes?

Most large companies have entire departments dedicated to customer satisfaction, making them easy targets for scammers to obtain free “gifts”.

This includes tobacco companies.

The tobacco industry needs smokers for their livelihood, so if you’re unhappy with their product, they’ll figuratively bend over and do anything to make you happy. For example, if you send them a convincing enough sob story, they’ll send you free smokes.

This guidebook provides an example complaint letter and the various types of complaint reasons used.

For example, some scammers complain that the tobacco was too dry, that some of the tobacco fell out of the cigarettes, the cigarettes were half full, or using a creative way of saying they were infested with bugs. For cigars, they complain that they were short two or three cigars from the package, or that the cigars had big holes in them.

How to Get Free Cigarettes, is the detailed guide to how scammers get their cigarettes for free.

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